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Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.: Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. is Colorado 's only child & pet friendly landscape company. We are a complete landscape design/build company. This means we start with a landscape plan (design) and estimate for installation (our crews are all "in-house"). Established in 1998, we promote beautiful yards for the entire family - pets, children and, of course, adults!

Cat Care Society: Cat Care Society operates a cage-free shelter for homeless and abused cats that provides adoption, counseling, humane education, and community outreach services to enrich the lives of people and cats.

Good Samaritan Pet Center: Good Samaritan Pet Center is a 501(c) 3 non-profit animal rescue organization that provides a “shelter alternative” for homeless animals throughout the Metro area. We are a network of foster parents who care for these animals until a permanent home can be found. Our mission is to promote healthy relationships between people and their pets. We strive to prevent animal abuse and abandonment and provide resources and support services to fulfill these goals.

Denver Dumb Friends League: Founded in 1910, the Dumb Friends League is a national leader in providing humane care to lost and abandoned animals, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets to new homes, helping pets stay in homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals. The Dumb Friends League is the largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region, welcoming tens of thousands animals to our two shelters. We turn no animals away.

Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance: Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1991 to provide non-lethal population control for feral cats in the metro Denver area. We employ a method known as "TNR" (Trap, Neuter, Return) and are the only local agency specializing in feral cat management.

Max Fund: MaxFund is a TRUE no-kill shelter. There is no pre-sorting of animals into "adoptable" and "non-adoptable" categories, discarding the so-called "unadoptable." The MaxFund takes every animal it has the space for. EVERY animal is kept until its owner is found or it is placed in a new adoptive home. The only reason for euthanasia is when it is in the humane interest of the animal.


C.W., my 6-year-old male cat, used to "rip" out the door every chance he could! If this happened at night it often resulted in a nasty cat fight and a trip to the vet's office. Not long ago, while at the vet's office, CW and I came across the Cat-Man-Do brochure.

I called John and we talked about my situation. He came out, met C.W.,evaluated the yard and offered several solutions. My yard is fenced (chain link) so John modified it accordingly.

Wow, it's great! I can now let C.W. out without worrying about his safety and I can relax about it. Thanks John. I'll recommend your services to every cat owner I know.

Englewood, CO

I am a veterinarian owned by 3 cats – Izzy, Harold and Maude. I understand the dangers of letting a cat outside because I see the repercussions on a regular basis at the office: injuries from cat fights, dog attacks, automobiles and more.

We live near a busy street, in a covenant-controlled subdivision and I called Cat-Man-Do for the best solution. I strongly encourage you to give John a call. He was knowledgeable and friendly.

Please protect our furry friends.

Mary Sue, D.V.M.
Lakewood, CO

I live in a second story condo with my 14 year-old cat and was afraid to let him out on the balcony. I'd worrying about him falling and getting hurt by neighboring cats.

A co-worker told me about Cat-Man-Do, so I gave John a call.

Cat-Man-Do built an incredible enclosure with a perch that's strong and you can hardly see it from below. Leo and I can both go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sights and sounds of nature. Thank you John.

Golden, CO

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