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Catmando, Colorado's custom cat enclosure specialist, has been keeping cats safe and happy since 2005.

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Like their larger cousins, domestic cats are designed to roam and explore outdoors. They can readily escape from a conventionally fenced yard and will do so regardless of the dangers that threaten them – dogs, cars, stray cats, disease, getting lost and other unforeseen hazards.

Catmando can help!

I had already lost a cat to an owl…

I highly recommend john@catman-do.com! He was honest, punctual and considerate of my time, wants and needs. I have two young, high-energy cats who wanted to herd the geese on the golf course behind my home in the worst way. I had already lost a cat to an owl off an upper deck, so wandering the golf course was not going to be an option!

I saw John's cat enclosure brochure at a pet food store, and decided to give him a call. Fast-forward... My cats have thoroughly enjoyed the enclosure with the different heights and spaces John made for them. Of course, they would love this run extended by a mile or so and preferably with the door left open, realizing that's no longer an option for them, they have thoroughly enjoyed their cat room outside and watching the birds, squirrels and golfers, and being able to reenter their home whenever they want to without inconveniencing me.

Sunday M. Denver, CO


why catmando?

Catmando owner John Kuepper has 20+ years experience keeping cats safe and happy. As a result, he has learned:

  • There isn't one material, system or approach that will work in every situation.
  • Tunnels can make the seemingly impossible situation, possible.
  • Kittens are particularly difficult to "contain" but it can be done.
  • As your pets age, modifications may be necessary to address mobility issues.
  • Some cats are very difficult to contain, but we are up to the challenge and determined to keep them safe .
  • Coyotes are in every metro neighborhood—you may not see them, but they are there.