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Catmando, Colorado's custom cat enclosure specialist, has been keeping cats safe and happy since 2005.

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Like their larger cousins, domestic cats are designed to roam and explore outdoors. They can readily escape from a conventionally fenced yard and will do so regardless of the dangers that threaten them – dogs, cars, stray cats, disease, getting lost and other unforeseen hazards.

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Although my house is small…

My cat is now 9 years old and was sheltered in a no-kill facility for two years prior to my adopting him a year ago. He was kept in a small cage the entire time because he doesn't like other cats and therefore couldn't be part of the non-caged population. Although my house is small it didn't take him long to get used to the space. He enjoyed sitting in the window sills during the summer months with access to the fresh air. That wasn't going to be available to him once colder weather arrived and storm windows were installed. Catmando gave him a 9' high x 5' wide x 3' deep outside enclosure off my back porch which he accesses through a cat door installed where one of the screens used to be. He has 8 platforms at varying heights that he can jump to. Also, I can close the window and prevent him from going out during cold weather. But most importantly, I know he's safe out there.

Diane K. Denver, CO


why catmando?

Catmando owner John Kuepper has 20+ years experience keeping cats safe and happy. As a result, he has learned:

  • There isn't one material, system or approach that will work in every situation.
  • Tunnels can make the seemingly impossible situation, possible.
  • Kittens are particularly difficult to "contain" but it can be done.
  • As your pets age, modifications may be necessary to address mobility issues.
  • Some cats are very difficult to contain, but we are up to the challenge and determined to keep them safe .
  • Coyotes are in every metro neighborhood—you may not see them, but they are there.