I love knowing (my cats) are safe

I live in a neighborhood where outdoor cats and small dogs are frequently lost due to encounters with wildlife (coyotes, mountain lions, and birds of prey). Although I wanted my cats to be able to enjoy sunshine, scents, breezes, etc. of being outside, I did not want them to be able to roam freely and risk disease, fights, and/or early death. I was referred to catmando by a friend/prior customer.  After a comprehensive free review, I was given various options for creating safe spaces for my cats to enjoy outdoors. I chose to have Catmando partially enclose an existing dog-run in a way that is visually neutral and completely safe for my cats to enjoy.  It has ramps and viewpoints so they can look out in various directions.  The cats used it so often that I had him come back and enclose the remaining portion.  He also cat-proofed an upper level porch so that my cats can enjoy lounging outside without being able to jump to the roofline or down to the patio. John was able to work around my existing trees, rose bushes, and other structures.  He works fast and is quiet, tidy, and considerate. The price was reasonable and fair. My cat enclosures were installed several years ago and they have held up perfectly through adverse weather conditions. The cats love enjoying their outdoor spaces. I love knowing they are safe. It feels great to be able to offer my cats (and dogs) a safe way to enjoy being outside. I highly recommend catmando to anyone with cats (or small dogs).

Valerie Y. Boulder, CO

As a veterinarian…

As a veterinarian and guardian to a number of former “street cats,” it was important to me to keep these beloved cats safe but also allow them as natural a life as possible. I had tried a variety of commercial and homemade “cat fencing” products over the years, and still one cat could not be contained in my yard. Thanks to John at Catmando, my rogue cat is now enjoying his backyard during the day, and I can rest easily knowing he is safe. Thanks, John.


Thrilled with his work

My older cat Samantha loved and literally lived  to be outdoors. When we moved to a new house and neighborhood, there was a bigger, fiercer ( mean) cat who decide our yard was the neighborhood cats turf. If my cat stepped into her own yard, she was being attacked and in horrid fights. I had several scary vet trips. The neighbors would not help. These cats fights had my nerves on end and keeping my cat in when we had a yard to play in was not the option I wanted as the meowing was nerve wracking too. I had to create safety for my cat and looked for a Master Mind cat thinking guy ( A Cat- Jedi) who could solve this. I called John from Cat Man Do and he listened, studied my yard, perimeters and created a huge safe sanctuary for my cat and added amusing spots for my cat since she could not leave the yard. This kept the other cat out and gave me peace of mind and made my cat thrilled.  I have rehired him after that cat sadly passed, to creatively rebuild the yard to keep my new cat Apricot in.

I like the way John thinks and that he cares; several times showing up after storms for repairs and to outsmart escape routes.  John is more creative and about the same or less expensive than buying the fencing on line and doing myself as he has experience and can think like a cat. I have been thrilled with his work, and as you can tell, I highly recommend him.

Dory J. Denver, CO

My cats love being outside

I have five cats and was constantly worried about them being outside.  My husband and I disagree on the issue of a cat being outdoors, and my cats are my babies so I want them safe.  I was referred to John at Catmando by a colleague who raved about the possibilities of a “catio.”  I contacted John in September 2014, and shared the specifics of what I wanted and when I was hoping to get it.  He responded promptly, we discussed details and pricing and he got to work.  My “catio” is 8 ft  by 15 ft, has nine perches, grass, rocks, concrete and is “critter proof.”  My cats love being outside and I no longer worry about them because I know they are safe.  If their access is not open, they sit and cry at the window, wanting to go outside.  Working with John was a pleasure, he made it so easy for me.  I love the finished product and am thrilled that I received that referral.  I have referred people to Catmando, because I know they will be treated fairly and be happy with the finished product.

Elizabeth Littleton CO

All enclosures are predator proof. Some are even bear proof!

We were looking for a way for our cats to explore outside without becoming part of the food chain. We've moved three times around Colorado in the last 8 years and John has been wonderful dismantling and reinstalling the cat enclosure, adapting it to its new space. John comes out and helps you select the best area for the enclosure in terms of sun and grass. Then he creates a plexiglass window with a cat door using the screen from the selected window as a template.

The enclosures are bear proof. We had one sit on the piece mounted outside the cat door and it bowed slightly. I like the simple way the enclosures are affixed to the house. it's not intrusive and with a couple of screws and washers its easily removed if you need to paint.

The cats couldn't be happier. Ours seem to love to catch live mice and let them go in the house to kill later. Ugh! We hear them turbo around at night and know they have one cornered. Then we find it in the morning. The cats are pleased with themselves and we couldn't be happier with the enclosure.

Joanne R. Morrison, CO

(John) is a man who truly loves cats.

John is a gentle businessman. He is never pushy and never tried to up sell his products. He’s honest and clear and very quick to solve any problem. Once when a tree pulled one of the boundaries away from the house, he arrived the next day to repair it and at no charge. The thing to remember about John is that he isn’t just a carpenter finding a niche, he is a man who truly loves cats. So his solutions are “just what you want”, his solutions are what the cat wants. I hands down would recommend John to anyone interested in protecting and enhancing the lives of their cats.

Mark H.

Although my house is small…

My cat is now 9 years old and was sheltered in a no-kill facility for two years prior to my adopting him a year ago. He was kept in a small cage the entire time because he doesn't like other cats and therefore couldn't be part of the non-caged population. Although my house is small it didn't take him long to get used to the space. He enjoyed sitting in the window sills during the summer months with access to the fresh air. That wasn't going to be available to him once colder weather arrived and storm windows were installed. Catmando gave him a 9' high x 5' wide x 3' deep outside enclosure off my back porch which he accesses through a cat door installed where one of the screens used to be. He has 8 platforms at varying heights that he can jump to. Also, I can close the window and prevent him from going out during cold weather. But most importantly, I know he's safe out there.

Diane K. Denver, CO

John has been very patient, understanding, and gracious

I have three cats. I am extremely overprotective of them for a lot of reasons which I won’t elaborate on here. The little guy I adopted most recently, in December 2012, when he was five months old, is a Maine Coon cat. They are known to be extremely intelligent, and he certainly is. Even though my large backyard is completely fenced, it became clear very quickly that he could figure out a way to get over the fence. I was told about Catmando by a gal who does cat sitting. I will never lose sight of how fortunate I was to learn about this amazing man. He installed a cat fence which subsequently needed some modifications because my smart little guy was obviously contemplating how to get over the fence. John came back out quite a few times and made modifications that did, indeed, prevent my cat from getting over the fence. John has been very patient, understanding, and gracious about having to come back. He has always figured out how to solve any problem relating to the cat fence, and because of that, I am completely confident that he has built a cat fence that will protect my cats. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who cares about their cat or cats and wants to protect them and keep them safe.

Suzanne W. Boulder, CO

I had already lost a cat to an owl…

I highly recommend [email protected]! He was honest, punctual and considerate of my time, wants and needs. I have two young, high-energy cats who wanted to herd the geese on the golf course behind my home in the worst way. I had already lost a cat to an owl off an upper deck, so wandering the golf course was not going to be an option!

I saw John's cat enclosure brochure at a pet food store, and decided to give him a call. Fast-forward... My cats have thoroughly enjoyed the enclosure with the different heights and spaces John made for them. Of course, they would love this run extended by a mile or so and preferably with the door left open, realizing that's no longer an option for them, they have thoroughly enjoyed their cat room outside and watching the birds, squirrels and golfers, and being able to reenter their home whenever they want to without inconveniencing me.

Sunday M. Denver, CO

John was very good at listening to our ideas and sharing his suggestions.

I have a leash-trained cat, but taking him out on a leash gets boring quickly as I must walk where he wants at his slow pace! Having the "catio" built by John from Catmando has freed up a lot of time for me… the cat can now come and go as he pleases through his special cat door installed in the basement window. He learned how to use the door and the steps in the window well leading to his outdoor "catio" in only one day! We love that the space is big enough to include us too. With a table and chairs set up, we can enjoy our morning coffee or just spending time outdoors with him. It’s great knowing that he can safely go out there to enjoy the fresh air without any worries of predators or cars. It helps to relieve boredom for him and we’ve found that he sleeps better at night while he’s inside (we close his access at night to the "catio") thus giving us a better night’s sleep as well! We’ve since adopted two new kittens and they’re enjoying the enclosure also. John was very good at listening to our ideas and sharing his suggestions. He built the enclosure in a timely manner…even working in the cold and some snow! We’re extremely satisfied and highly recommend John and Catmando!

Debby Highlands Ranch, CO

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